Friday, March 28, 2014

behind the curtain of dreams

Had again, after a long time, The Dream last night, in a very minor version. The immeasurably big evil (if that's the word) entity was about to arrive for the final battle and mop up and I was with a group of people that seemed to think dancing naked outside would generate some energy that would counteract the evil force. It arrived and both had a shape and hadn't. A black storm came before him or it, sweeping some of dancers up into the air and tossing them into the void. The others were starting to flee but it was too late. Then I somehow knew something. Went into a sort of bunker and I knew that the Entity had a corporeal form in there, amongst us. I think I told Joseph about this and he set about stabbing it/him. I told him that wouldn't work because it was only assuming a body but killing the body wouldn't kill it. He said he knew it would, at least for a while. The problem was different but he thought he had the solution. It was kind of part of us or us of it, so it could read our mind and anticipate intention but he thought he could not think about what he was about to do until the moment of doing it. I didn't say what I thought -it couldn't possibly work... I could see 'him' or it approaching and made for an exit, as I knew he would read in my mind what was going on. But then, just as I went through the threshold of the door into the blinding light of outside I knew that 'he' knew and knew all along... the only escape would be to wake up.


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