Thursday, March 10, 2011

drifting through the halls of mirrors 1

I was in a hall and there was a concert in progress. It was supposed to be Neubauten, playing a acoustic set un-amplified. People had been waiting for this concert for ages but now that it was happening they were bored. The band was almost drowned by the voices of people in the audience. Nobody was heckling as such but people were calling out as they left the hall, calling at each other "going to the pub, you coming along?”, “Get me a pint” and similar.

So the band stopped and people hardly noticed as there was almost no-one left in the hall and those remaining were talking so loudly. I went over to the stage area and was surprised to see that they had packed up already, in only a couple of minutes. Ok, so perhaps it wasn't Neubauten; on the stage there was a young very tall man in a suit. Expensive suit, I thought. Expensive but a little bit tacky. . I congratulated them and expressed surprise at the fact that they could pack their stuff away so quickly.

One turn and I am at the gym, on top of that contraption they call a 'cross-trainer'. I hate those places and for a moment I'm not quite really there. And my eyes are closed. What difference is there, I'm walking down the empty corridors in the last Battlestar ship as it hurtles downm towards the sun, or in a desert beginning the ascent as the unseen hecklers throw stones at me and call me by the name Mercer, which is not my name but it doesn't matter. Nothing does now...


Getting up and leaving the house early is still so difficult for me. Maybe

At least it is day-light when I leave the  house even if it is that preternatural misty white light of doom that makes you feel like you're in a mystery movie, or exploring some alien hostile world. Ok, perhaps I exaggerate slightly. Although you do see hostile looking beings with their pasty white faces, scuttling past clutching their umbrellas..

Spring is coming ok, but winter still not giving in.