Monday, August 31, 2009

the keys

I closed the door behind me and found myself on the drizzly street, dazzled by the brightness nonetheless as it had been so dark indoors. That's when I realised I didn't have my keys or my wallet. Or my phone. How did this happen. I must have left them in the car, but how do I get back to the car, I remember where I left it but not sure how to get back where it is. And once there, of course, how do I open it, start it if the keys are not there. I am reasonably confident I left it somewhere safe and it hasn't got nicked, remember the parking lot clearly but not at all where that is located.

I'm not familiar with this part of the city; I walk down the road looking for something that will help. Weren't there local maps on lampposts? Maybe I'm thinking of Oxford Street in London and not here. I think it was that way. Or was it that way? If I had my phone I could find my way, with the built in GPS. Where could I have left it? Must be in the car, if it still is there. It would be a hassle if it got stolen.

I think of asking passers by, but for some reason I never get to be close to any of them; there are plenty across the road, some come my way but suddenly they take to the street to cross to the other side.

Something pricks my foot and only then I realise that I am also barefoot. My feet are dirty and calloused. Then I get a moment of doubt and horror: maybe there is no car, no keys and no fancy touch-phone? Maybe I'm confused and living on the street, that doorway I came out of was where I was sleeping and that is why I was dazzled by the scant sunlight on a day like this.