Tuesday, November 08, 2011


08/11/2011 07:05
Time runs backwards on this Tube platform; the next train will arrive in six minutes, the one after that in two minutes' time. It is way, way too early. There's a weird smell of something organic burning...

Had been waking up all night, constantly falling asleep to a shallow sleep of restless dreams, constantly waking up to a sort of void outside of time and space, a grey interregnum between sleep and the waking world, maybe between worlds.

Who was the other person in my dream? The dream that lasted for hours, seemingly all the way through the night, with rallies and festivals and parties and music making. The two of them were friends of mine of many years, there had been a guitar and perhaps a political connection. And they'd exchanged food and jokes at some gathering in the previous dream. Now one of them was ranting against the other, saying at some point that if ever he came to meet the guy... and I retorted that they had in fact met and got on famously. That made him even angrier... how could I have done that to him. I mumbled something about all of us being human... that didn't appease him. Some young pupils of mine were witnessing this heated discussion in Spanish, one or two of them looking at the other ones wi some bewilderment. Another smiled at me and said in very broken Spanish: "Yo comprende".

I woke up as I realised that the two enemies friends of mine were in fact he same person in the real world... it all drifts back to me as I now stand on a Tube platform, the dot matrix indicators having gone haywire and me punch-drunk with lack of sleep....