Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sam, the Croatian guy from W, was expecting me for a lesson and I was already late. His wait must have lasted all night: there had been travels, the usual dream mishaps where I get lost in a train (a double decker train with many people and things happening in it) on the eternal journey south-east and at some point I misplace my guitar and have to spend much time and many adventures retrieving it; finally I'm there but S's lesson still has to wait, there is some sort of gathering and She is there. Beautiful as she once was, we hug and I can feel the shape of her body under her loose robes. She wants me to stay but S's lesson is waiting. The cat next to her makes some guttural noises and she says she, too, has to attend to something. Now she has become just a head on a sort of little box, I' concerned that the cat may attack her as she's vulnerable without arms or legs and in that tiny size; I light a candle and put it next to her but then I worry that the candle may tumble and burn her -even though she tells me she'll be ok, she's ok and can look after herself. The cat seems bigger now and is making some half-purring, half-growling noises, while the candle has become very narrow and thin and keeps falling and I have to re-position it. S is still waiting for his guitar lesson.