Tuesday, November 26, 2013

drifting in the sea of dreams

Early morning suburban train, those free newspapers with lurid headlines ("11 year olds who swap sex for drugs"). I wince, who can possibly want to read those things, can they possibly be true. It's way too early, it still is dark outside; I have been reading a story that has the feel of a dream, while trying to remember my own dreams of last night but they refuse to reappear.  There is a journey in them (oh, ok, there always is) and a getting lost in a strange unknown city and trying to find my way in a maze of a building where I should find somebody important to me and a walking into people I hadn't seen for many years and they're still young and beautiful, as if they'd been travelling so fast that time had almost stopped for them, but it is me who has been travelling.

It's me who is travelling now, too, in a suburban train moving slowly out away from the city, filling up with tired looking people in heavy winter coats; outside, the world is still dark, although the sky is beginning to clear. The day is slowly getting going.