Monday, April 27, 2009


As usual, not much remains of the previous bits, where I was talking to people about some energy initiatives by the President, who was not Obama but an old man with a certain air like Clement Freud and who I kept referring to as President Adar.

Then I was at the cabinet meeting, which, strangely, was in President Adar’s bedroom. He was sitting at the bed, wearing a heavy coat but no trousers, surrounded by the discomfited looking men in suits with briefcases, all of them standing while I was just crouching on the floor. It was cold and somewhat dark in the room and he was saying that this was it, they had to conserve electricity and heating and give the example. And he didn’t want to wear out his good clothes unnecessarily so he was wearing no trousers and just this old coat, which was warm so the heating was not needed, we had to conserve energy. The men in suits looked concerned.

I had to go out -it clearly was not my place to be. But outside the two police officers stopped me, asked me for my identity and said there was a ‘complaint’ about me. Then I noticed the children in suits, looking at me with a fierce expression; one of them said “yeah, that’s him, the bastard; he killed me mum, he did”. I protested that I hadn’t killed anyone. The boy went on: I would get my due, they would see to that. I turned to ask the police officers for help but they weren’t there. There was a little commotion and I escaped, but again like so many times I was left wondering where I’d left my guitar and my suitcase. I needed to get back home and I didn’t know this place. Conveniently, it was now an airplane. One could see out the window into the starry night, the white noise of the engines was quite calming. A couple of the boys I’d run into earlier walked past the aisle but did not seem to see me. There was hatred in their eyes. I thought it couldn’t be a very good thing to be enclosed in such a small space with them. At that point the plane tumbled. I didn’t hear a thing, just felt the G forces play with me and the thought that the plane was falling out of the sky. This was the end. I could now see the ground getting closer and closer, the stars in the inky black sky above...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

under the silver moonlight

Come out silently, all the doors to the other rooms in the house closed. Come out to the terrace under the stars, lit in silver moon light. Dance naked under the moon, while behind his bedroom door my grandad celebrates his eighty years of age making love to a twenty-eight year old beauty. In the distance, the outline of the mountains, black as ink against the deep dark blue, blue sky. And the sirends and gunshots in the distance.