Monday, July 29, 2013

resonances 1

In the dream there were something like songs that one could manipulate like physical objects and, in so doing, have an effect on real world objects. There were four parameters for this, which were carefully and patiently explained to me by this man who I couldn't see but I knew was there in the dark Song Room with me. Of course then I woke up and couldn't understand what these parameters were or how they affected the music -which you could mould in your hands like plasticine or see data about on some sort of screen- or the objects in the world that the music was supposed to affect. I turned around on the bed; had to get up at quarter to six and didn't want to spend the night tossing and turning and pondering over the absurdity of dreams.

Then I was there in the room of the songs again and the man who I couldn't see but whose face I knew was again guiding me through some convoluted set of procedures to extract the meaning out of the songs and try different possible effects on the real world. I was half expecting dire words of warning about music being able to bring about untold destruction ut the man laughed. It didn't work like that; it wasn't impossible but the chances of me hitting by mistake or by fumbling around with the right sequence of procedures that would produce such a result were unimaginably small. 

I asked whether all music had an effect and whether I could use any song or piece of music or whether there were specific effects from certain musics. He said that, again, all music could be made to have any effect possible but that there were  degrees of difficulty and the composition of the music, its structure, what scales and chords and frequencies and timbres it contained, would have a bearing on what was practically possible to achieve.
Then he said "now you're going back and it will be some time before we can resume your education in this, but this will happen". And I woke up as the 5:45 am alarm bell rang. It would be  another busy day, I better got going...