Monday, June 09, 2008

last before waking up

Lots of things had happened but I couldn't remember any of them, even though it'd been only minutes before. Then we went in the church. I asked why we had to go in there but there was no answer and Marianella was not there with me anymore, although there were a couple of other people I knew; these went to different ends of the dark church, only dimly lit by the scant light coming through the stained glass ogival windows.

That's when I saw them. From behind a pew, a silvery transparent figure sat up straight and extended its arms sideways and then laid back straight, disappearing behind the back of the pew. Another figure did the same, and a third one. They would open up their mouths, spread their arms, then fall back. Then I noticed the people who were sitting on those pews. I looked at the sweet little old lady and something prompted me to exclaim "But , you're dead, too!" and she looked at me and said "Really? That's frightfully inconvenient, my dear. Yes, I suppose I am dead..." she said, wistfully..

Behind her, the silver translucent figures kept doing their strange dance, sitting up with their hollow eyes and mouth very open, spreading their arms wide and falling back. A thunder cracked in the distance..


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