Monday, December 11, 2006

more dreams of travelling

Monday; December 11, 2006 ttime

Another long convoluted dream of travelling. It nearly always involves Caracas, but it always has changed beyond recognition. I have to take a train back (presumably to London, but in dreams trains become boats become planes and finally buses, so it's ok). As always in this kind of dream, I have to struggle with things, there's a couple of slightly obnoxious kids on the bus/train/whatever, one of them is flyering me about something or other while I try to find where I left my guitar. I crumple one of the fliers and throw it but it lands in the seat in front of me and the person sitting there is rather displeased. Then I see my guitar, reach to grab it, there is another flier with the coat of arms of Venezuela and some sort of invitation. I tear it to pieces, feeling guilty (I didn't quite read it and it might be something important, official, even, given the style and the prominent official symbols of the country) but I'm fed up with the kid handing me those fliers.

My stop is approaching, I try to make it towards the door but it is so crowded, and with a couple of rucksacks and the guitar it is difficult  to make way. At least I haven't lost the guitar or the luggage as often happens in those dreams...

Then I wake up, thinking of the vast black void between the stars....


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