Saturday, July 15, 2006

vanishing point

....try to remember the dream that was so vivid this morning. I could clearly (too clearly) remember it as I woke up, as I stumbled downstairs to brush my teeth, it was still there as I fixed myself an espresso and as I dragged my feet upstairs again, my knee hurting so much that I had to climb the steps on one leg steps.

I sat in front of the computer, thinking that I don't seem to enjoy my morning coffee as much as I used to and perhaps it'd be time to look at something else to start my morning with, when I realised -it was gone. I couldn't remember the first thing about that dream that I had discussed endlessly in my head since I'd woken up.

Then it was all in shreds, then it wasn't -as if it had never existed, only the memory of it having been there, the hole it had left remained.

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