Sunday, April 30, 2006

early dream of flying..

I open my eyes to the soft darkness of the room that I share, strangely, with my mother and sister. I'm slowly floating towards the ceiling; it is only this, the ceiling, that stops me. I can see my sister slowly floating up as well, even though if I look down I see her lying on her bed, sweetly asleep. For some reason I cannot see them both clearly at the same time: when I see her face on the pillow the floating figure becomes blurry. I decide to dive downwards It is an exhilarating sensation, this reversal of gravity that now softly pulls me up again towards the ceiling. I reach a corner, the same corner where I had spotted during the day a hole from which a big spider had come out, but there is no hole or spider now, I dive down again, as I see my sister doing the same at the other end of the room. My mother sighs in her sleep, down there below; a moon beam pierces through the window as I dive down again. Bliss.

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