Tuesday, July 13, 2010

in the car

I was driving through from Plaza Catia towards La Cortada, there was to be this party at my sister's friend's -after all these years. People looked at me as I drove by. Couldn't remember the address. This place has changed a lot since I last was here, all those years ago. I no longer know my way around.

Now I'm walking towards the house and I realise I've left my expensive mobile phone on the dashboard of the car. Bad move -anywhere, but especially in an area like this. I must find the car. I left it back there that way.. I think. I have to walk through a group of young men who look at me with suspicion and derision. I mumble 'con permiso...' as I make my way through them. One gives way and I get through. Phew. I don't recognise these streets, this is not where I should be..

Ah, there's my sister waving at me and beckoning. That is the house, then; not at all where I remembered it. She goes in and I go after her. There's no party yet. Going to shower and change for the party.. then I remember I've left that expensive fancy phone in the car. I look out the door just in case the car was in sight -find myself locked out. I'm in my underwear. What to do. I decide to look for the car. Now people do look at me. The car was along this row.. oh, ok, maybe it wasn't. Only then I realise the precariousness of my situation. I no longer know how to get back to the house or back home, don't know where my car is, am standing in the middle of the street with only my underwear on, with no ID documents or means to prove who I am.

Mercifully, then I hear the pips of the BBC Radio announcing it is 6:00 am....


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