Saturday, April 15, 2006

in circles

I was in a large room, a sort of dance hall. I knew what it was but now I have no idea how I knew, since I had never been in any such place in my life. It was a vast place and there were people dressed in night wear, men in tails, women with pearls. They all looked so similar and I had to look for my father who was in there somewhere. i thought it would be easy as he would be the only one dressed in a normal suit and tie instead of that sort of gear. But I couldn't find him and I started to think I would never find him. Then I thought -I didn't know where the entrance to the hall was, and I could see none. And the thought arose: I couldn't remember when we had got there or how we had arrived... had no idea of where we were and and there were no people my age. That's when I noticed the faces of the people dancing. They all had acquired a pasty complexion and glassy eyes -or did they look like that all along? That's when I panicked. That was, also, when they started to slowly spin, like wind-up dolls, slowly and in synchrony, while I ran and screamed and screamed...


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