Saturday, April 08, 2006

dream cast in fog

dream of Avenida Sucre, in a fog. I've come out of school but it is a sort of twilight outside; I have to find my friends at the bus stop but do not find them. it could be because the friends I'm looking for I will not meet for another twenty five years and haven't been born yet, but then how do I know, and how is it that I realise this is the case? I go past the doorstop with the red light-bulb at the top of the stairs and cast a curious and guilty glance and quickly walk away.

I'm now walking on the traffic island. There is no traffic, there are lots of people walking on the street on the Avenida. Feels like a long time has passed but there is still that dusk quality to the air. Up the hill there are the Superbloques, the tower blokcs in 23 de Enero. They don't seem to be grimy or covered in graffiti today, the mist gives them a sort of supernatural quality.

I think I can go through a short cut to my house but it is not one that I'm very familiar with. Go into the industrial estate and walk and walk.. and it all is no longer familiar, I don't know where I am. Where is the way out of here, where is the way out...


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