Monday, March 06, 2006

no dreams

.. just floating downstream towards the darkness. The day now gone takes time to shred into pieces and dissolve away, I still half wake up to the thought of things I should have done today.

Now I am walking around the dark streets at the back of Avenida Sucre in Catia, which I hadn't seen for many years. It feels dangerous, I can make out dark shapes moving in the dark, in alleys and doorsteps. I don't know why I'm here; I'm going back home, I tell myself. And then it dawns on me. That house I grew up in was sold many years ago. This is no longer home, home is far, far away, on an island in a distant sea. I walk towards Avenida Sucre, see a 214 bus go past, shiny and gliding like a whale but red and lit inside. I won't be able to catch it.. How do I get back home?


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