Sunday, March 19, 2006

in somnis (May 2005)

In my old house in Catia, there was some sort of weird party which I couldn't quite figure out. Rather a ceremony than a party, people were concerned. There were glasses of champagne and formal evening wear in between the walls with crackled peeling paint of my old house. I can't remember who proposed bringing the entity, whose name I didn't hear but I knew well what it, or he, was about. Or perhaps didn't even know, but the foreboding and the chill in my spine told me something reason wasn't quite getting. I turned to Rosalexia, my companion, and said to her we better be near the front door where we could escape.

Then the hearse arrived, with a sort of garish pink plastic box with what looked like fairy lights. But I knew it was the entity they had summoned that lay in there. There was a small hostile crowd gathering outside and someone threw a can of beer at me. We went the other way, to the grocers' at the top corner. it was busy there, with Mrs Gloria back behind the counter -how many years since I had seen her. I turned around and commented on this to Sam, my companion (funny, 'dI thought it was Rosalexia just a short while before). We bought some drinks and sweets, under the unfriendly gaze of the other customers and the Andino man that had the newstand outside.

We made our way to the house somehow. We had to look. And yet, we knew our place was not there and it was dangerous...


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