Wednesday, October 02, 2013

wrong plane, wrong bus

More dreams of travel gone slightly wrong.

I was travelling back home -but now I'm not sure where home was. I was in a bus station in an unknown city somewhere abroad, realising that I'm in the wrong one (in fact, I have travelled here by mistake and I am in the wrong country) and I have to get to the airport.  I can't find anyone to give me directions until I realise there are several levels to this place and the one I need is the floor below. There are no stairs or lifts that I can see, so when I see the woman that is supposed to help me I just slide down the wall, hoping I won't break a bone or two on the descent. I don't, she tells me I'm in the wrong place (but I knew that) and I have to get out on foot towards that airport, across a city unknown to me, full of dangerous looking slums and gangs of youths in street corners...


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