Wednesday, December 01, 2010

There was a celebration. It was a sort of very small pub/restaurant. It was the 200th anniversary of the place and they would be giving away food that was supposed to be fantastic. I'd driven a long way to get there… there was a crowd and people were clutching their passports. Many had pints of beer which one was supposed to be able to order from the bar. I went over to the bar and the girl behind the counter gave me some mumbling explanation about why she couldn't give me a beer and that her colleague would -at which point she left, but there was no-one else behind the counter.

I thought that it was a little pointless to stay at the bar, clutching my passport like the rest, when it could be hours before the food was served or given out. So I went in the other room and sat down. I was very thirsty and there was no-one at the bar. I think I was beginning to say this to the girl sitting next to me but she was pointedly looking away so I stopped talking and reclined on the kind of sofa. This guy from the Dev in London walked past and said hello. Well, I think he was from the Dev. Anyway, I said hello back. It was getting very warm and I took the outer one of the two t-shirts I was wearing but then I realised that the inner one had some ridiculous design and drawings on and I was a little embarrassed so swapped the two -and thought I better leave the other one and my bag in the boot of the car. Came out and pressed the car remote but -it was the wrong car. It was over there, past the street with trees and to the left, perhaps a mile or so. So there I headed..

.. couldn't find it. Ended up taking a mini-bus but this was going the wrong way, up the hill into a barrio and I was getting more and more nervous as I had no idea where I was. At some point I saw a tube station sign, the blue and red London Underground roundel, so I asked the driver to stop and paid -with a ten bolivar note, the driver gave me another ten bolivar note back, albeit a more crumpled one. I walked towards the station and saw that… it was only a tube sign but there was no station. How could there be, this was not London. So I stood there looking down to the valley and the mountains in the distance wondering how I would get out of that place..


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